Though I pray you never do,

                        If it just so happens that one day you find that you’re lost, have run out hope, and have no one to turn to please always remember that you can still come home.

Come home, love. Lay on the couch all day just watching movies with your family revealing parts of yourself through codes in conversation. Stretch out on the lawn and remember how the other side always seems so much greener. Sneak on to the secret section of the roof; stare at the stars in awe but howl to the moon when you are restless. Collapse into your bed until it smells of you again, and know that you are safe and loved.

Come home to your past. Smoke on your balcony and continue to feel guilty about it, but remember why you started in the first place. Dance around these great wide halls and grand open rooms you once took for granted. Take long walks through old streets that hold memories of long nights and great adventures. Remember where those roads took you, and the journey you’ve endured.

When you finally come back home, I pray you find some perspective from your past. Don’t you dare turn back, but please remember where you come from and all that you’ve done. No matter what you are going through please promise me you’ll remember that you’ve already made it far enough to leave this place behind.

But if you ever need a reminder, you can always come home.

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Hey. ❤️

Hey. ❤️

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People out here trying to fall in love, I’m just out here trying to get a degree, get paid, and get a little internet fame. <3

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There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I swear it. I just pray you hold on long enough to find out what it looks like on the other side. 

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If you leave me alone with a new pack of pens&#8230;

If you leave me alone with a new pack of pens…

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Champagne and trainwreck. Oh hell yes.

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I don’t know where you are, or when I’ll see you, but I look forward to it everyday.

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But if you stay fixated on a dream you’ll never wake up.

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Single Occurrences

The longer I’m away, the less I remember about how the good time were. Moments of breath stealing laughter, thoughtful romantic gestures, and heart warming moment are more like faint tales of a history than something that used to be my everything. It hasn’t actually been long really, but the more I see couples day in and day out, these people who are supposed to have found someone to finally be happy with, more like exhausted bored couplets of excessively horny yet continuously disgruntled companions, the less I remember what loving you felt like.

But they stay together anyway happy or unhappy, and in the dead of the night my bed still feels too big alone.

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Happy Valentine&#8217;s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Button Poetry
Fresh bowl at 4:20
Listening to songs I thought I’d forgotten
While trying desperately not to miss anyone
Type of day

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#selfie #selfiesunday #blackgirls #me #lavender #lace #pinklips #wingedeyeliner

#selfie #selfiesunday #blackgirls #me #lavender #lace #pinklips #wingedeyeliner

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I cannot recall a week more memorable than this.

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Who knew freedom could feel this good. Today is perfect, and I couldn’t be happier to be here. 

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Cure to stress?

It’s been making me feel better. You should try. :D

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Rule#1:I do whatever the fuck I want.